Fashion Photo Shoot

There are many different types of fashion photo shoots depending on the location of the shoot. You could have a fashion shoot which is shot in an urban setting or you could have one that's been shot somewhere in the countryside. Based on the theme of the shoot and the theme of the clothes being photographed, you could be looking at pretty much any kind of location which, of course, corresponds with the budget of the fashion shoot.

Advertisement Photoshoot

Every day companies pay millions of rupees on advertisement; with one goal - to sell their product. Companies want to tell the reader that their product is best - and we are able to match this. Our work is with the highest technical quality and we have the ability to create a masterpiece from something simple.

Photo Archive

An extensive archive of travel, food, trucks, Indian wedding images and more are available for licensing for editorial or commercial use. Search the archive for stock requests and additional imagery.

Workshops & Seminars

Eternal Studio often conducts photography workshops, seminars or lectures for professional photographers, corporates or educational institutes in India and worldwide. Please contact us for more information on availability and booking.

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